Here to give personal thoughts and opinions on all things gaming.

My Name is Dallas Stotler and I am the editor and producer at K&D Gaming. I post personal TOP 10’s and LME’s (Let Me Explain). My hope is that I can inform you on the purposes of games and the different ways they can affect you. Thank you for joining us at K&D Gaming and we encourage your feedback.

My Name is Kelsey, the “K” in K&D. I’m the founder and full-time dreamer of K&D Gaming. I’m also the mentioned “research team.” Dallas has been playing video games for a lot longer than I have. The only video game I played as a child was Halo (which is absolutely still my all-time favorite), and that was only sparsely when my brothers decided to play nice. So while my experiences with video games are much different than Dallas’, we agree that my point of view on it all is as equally as interesting. My posts will mainly consist of my analytical analysis of games. Including, but not limited to: deep character analysis and story/plot analysis. (we pretend like) We’ve got our crap together and know what we’re doing, so naturally, we’re right about everything we say here.

In all seriousness, we are always completely open for feedback and comments so please let us know what your thoughts and opinions are!

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