As one of the most popular genres of gaming, suspense or horror games have been rising in popularity especially as gameplay becomes more immersive. The stand-alone game, Layers of Fear, is one of the games that was on the XBOX Live Gold Membership free games of the month.

LoF Chairs

It follows a man with the affinity for painting as he struggles to cope with the loss of his daughter, his wife’s departure, and the impending escalation of his insanity. The plot is wrapped up in him trying to find materials he deems worthy to paint the perfect portrait of his wife. As a psychological look into the mind of one man, the player can also feel the traumatic events that haunt this man’s everyday life. With the main fear factor being the player’s paranoia, this game is one of few horror games that had little to no actual scares but instead relies on the stress the possibility of something actually happening.

The whole game took about 10 hours to complete fully and in all it felt like a good inside view into the mind of an artist that has lost his balance. Not being one for horror games, I found this game to be more thought provoking than anything else. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I highly encourage anyone that can handle a tiny bit of mental ingenuity to check it out.


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