Mass Effect: Andromeda has become the most anticipated game of 2017. Even though it is only a quarter of the way through the year, the people at Bioware have created a game that is unlike any of the others in the series. Although it shares the name, Andromeda feels like more of a cousin in the world of Mass Effect and here’s a brief rundown why.

  • In the original trilogy, you played as Commander Shepard, a military leader tasked with defending the galaxy against giant robots from outside the galaxy that happen to look like leaf bugs. In Andromeda, the main character is Pathfinder Ryder; a military kid with a lot less bravado.
  • Ryder’s story is based more on exploration than military action even though it is a military based society. While there is a large entity trying to kill everyone that is in the game, the main purpose of the pathfinders is to settle their species home in the far reaches of the new galaxy.
  • The reason it does not feel like a Mass Effect game is because of all the new actions that the main character can make. Instead of just walking, Ryder can use a jump-jet to move in the third-dimension, allowing many new features to tactical gameplay. And that’s not even the surface.

The reason this was not as in depth as it could be was because as I was writing it, my computer decided to restart, for some reason. When I went back to recover the unsaved file, I accidentally deleted it. Preparation is key, save your work. Also, Andromeda is very good; if you want it, get it.


2 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda-Review

  1. I for one am extremely excited about this game and what it will hold and mean for the gaming community. I love all the new things they will be adding the the universe.


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