Most of the time, videogames are played solitarily. While most games have an online multiplayer where the player can join with players from all over the world, there is nothing like the experience of having a person with you in person. As one that has grown up with a plethora of experiences alone, I recently have gotten the privilege of sharing my childhood and my current favorites with one very special person in my life.

Recently, I and my girlfriend have been journeying down my history of games from current games like Rocket League to games from as early as I can remember such as Halo. It has gotten to the point where I have given her one of my no longer utilized XBOX 360’s and she is having the same experiences with the games that I had.

From the Assassin’s Creed games to Skyrim (a personal favorite), I will receive periodic texts when she has gotten to a pivotal point in the story or a twist has happened that she didn’t expect. In some sense, I envy how it is all new to her and I feel like I am somewhat living vicariously through her.

It has brought out new opportunities in our relationship. Instead of just watching television or movies, now we have an interactive mode of entertainment that is beneficial for both parties. Experiences that are best shared.


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