In the gaming community, much like sporting, people enjoy watching people play the games that they like to play. In some cases, Twitch and some selective channels on YouTube have created a haven for the gaming community where they can watch regular people like you and me play games that they enjoy. These videos are called Let’s Plays.

Getting their start on YouTube, most people uploaded videos to their channels explaining things that most people wouldn’t get. Such examples include: achievement guides, Easter eggs, level strategies, and even playthroughs of levels in different games. Eventually, these got to larger levels, longer videos, and a stronger community surrounding regular people playing games.
Logo for Roosterteeth

Getting their start in playing games, many big names in the current media spotlight include Roosterteeth, VannossGaming, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie. Not being just a fad, currently Roosterteeth has made an enterprising company dedicated to “information” podcasts on the nature of the corporate aspect of gaming and even own the Let’s Play label with its YouTube channel having 3.7 million subscribers and with six channels falling under the Let’s Play family.

The most widely known YouTuber that does game play videos would be Pewdiepie. Felix Kjellberg has a following of 54 million people currently in the “Bro Army”.
Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg

In all fairness, Lets Plays are widely becoming part of the mainstream, seeping into culture like sports on television. Enjoyed by many, it is not a fad that will soon go away.


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