One of the most fatal flaws today, when it comes to technology, is some products blatant refusal of connection to outside sources. The feeling of having the fastest internet at the touch of a fingertip is a mighty prospect and an almost unreachable one. A phone that won’t connect to WiFi or a computer that can’t establish a link to the Ethernet are sometimes enough to make any body rage. When it comes to online gaming, however, the slightest lagging in connection is enough to drive any gamer over the edge.

No Network For XBOX LIVE
Network troubleshooting in XBOX LIVE

Online games require two things; a connection to the internet and a person to control the game. Either one of those is crucial for the success of games played across consoles. As much as anyone would like to manually allow the connection to work, it is impossible so we are forced to sit and wait while the spinning wheel mocks us to our face and we are helpless to stop it.

The only alternative is to get games that does not require internet connection. In general, try to get physical disks so that single player alternatives are always at your disposal. Might I suggest The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? It requires no internet unless you try to use mods (like a chump). As one of the best games I know, I highly recommend it even if your internet is flawless.

Click the picture for tips on Skyrim gameplay

2 thoughts on “Networking= Not Working

    1. The device with the easiest connectivity would probably by any phone. Really any device that was intended for communication between devices, not consoles that can be left alone.


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