Online gaming has grown so much in the past 10 years that competitions that feature individuals or teams in a sports atmosphere is very normal. Competitions have always been around and in almost every medium, from cooking to catching fish it is the entertainment of people claiming the title for best at what they do. Although it is not televised, the same goes for competitive multiplayer games.

Full Stadium for Team-Based MOBA

One of the most popular sport to be widely viewed on television is Soccer or Football depending on where you originate from. Much the same with other sports, it consists of teams of players trying to make an object cross a threshold to prove dominance in control of the situation. In competitive multiplayer, the object is the same; meet resistance and elevate your status by conquering other teams in whatever activity is currently being administered. The only difference is their preferred demographic.

Video games have this connotative nature of being for children, an immature thing for an immature age. Resorting to the fact that their logic suggests that people don’t want to watch things on screens fighting for control of a field, scoring points by beating their opponents based solely on the fact that it is virtual, all the while they do the same with televised sports.

Fifa 17 Video Game
Rochester vs Carolina Real Game

With the rare opportunity that gaming has in the types of “sports” available from death-matches to racing or from cooking to fishing, it can be the same fun with less hassle in set up. While it was designed for younger participants 20 years ago, these children have grown up and have had these areas of nostalgia evolve along with them. Just as the “nerdy/geeky” parts of modern media with superhero movies and sci-fi experiences, video-gaming is in the mainstream and has a lot more to offer than most think.


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